Han Halı

About Us


The outstanding leader in Hereke production today is Han Halı. The House of Han is a family business, dating back four generations. The Ör brothers lead the company with a passion for their art. The Ör family tradition of making hand knotted carpets began with their great grandfather, who was supervisor of the carpet department in the Sultan's Hereke Factory. He passed along his knowledge to his son, who went on to hold the same position. The skills inherited from their forefathers allowed the Ör brothers to initiate improvements in fine hand knotted carpet production for the local Turkish and international markets. The Hereke tradition continues today, as exquisite 100% handmade wool and silk rugs are produced for discerning collectors worldwide.

     Every step of Hereke production is carefully controlled by the Ör brothers. Erhan Ör, the president of Hereke Carpet Weavers Association, oversees the aspects of design and quality control. Only the finest craftmen are chosen to work for Han Halı. Nurhan Ör handle the company's finances and monitor market trends.  Serhan Ör, the deputy president of Chamber of Commerce,  is running the İstanbul Branch.  The Ör brothers work together as a family to form the combination necessary to run the company successfully.